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Relating to parking

Q: When can I arrive and park my car on your premises? A: You can arrive and park from around 1pm onwards. On the day of departure you must vacate the car parking by 11.45am Please note the penalties for parking outside of the time period of your booking which are set at as exhorbant a cost as to make it more practical to relocate your vehicle. Our parking is in our onsite off road car park to the front of our premises. The use of our inclusive parking is for cars, think supermarket car parking space. If you cannot park in a supermarket car park because your vehicle is to large then please do not assume you can use our car park. We will refuse - luton vans, stretch limos, significant commercial sized vehicles.

Q: We would like to park our car outside of the time period of our booking, can we do this? A: There is usually a small amount of time on either side of your booking that you can park (45 mins). Parking outside of your booking can incur penalty charges that are significant enough to prevent abuse of the parking facilities. Q: We would like to bring 2 cars is this possible? A: No. Unfortunately we only have enough parking for our number of apartments. There is a local paid car parking bay approximately 5 m to the right of the building. Q: I’m driving a Bus, Stretch Limo or a vehicle that isn’t of a normal size can we include this in your parking option. A: No, we reserve the right to remove your parking option should we deem you to be excessive. Most 4x4’s and range rovers fit without any problems however if you’re driving / parking isn’t very good we may have to ask you to re-park.

Relating to check in

There are two methods for check in a) Check in during onsite management staffing times (1pm - 7/8pm) b) Contactless check in by arrangement or by calling upon arrival using a Key safe at the entrance of the building. Check in, is from 2 pm onwards with our final check in time being 9pm. Check out is at 11 am.

Q: What's the best way to navigate to your address? A: Google maps is the easiest way to find us - Or a what three words code is : until.called.burn. On arrival, please ring the doorbell once Additional tips: The numbers of the buildings on this road are not sequential, it is advisable to look on google maps and search for Number 17 Bath which has a specific pin point with our location or look on our map on the website. Sat nav will take you to the wrong location approximately 15m further down the road.

Q: I'm travelling by train. How can I get to your address from the train station? A: Leave the station by the front exit and facing straight ahead walk down Manvers Street for approximately 150 m, passing the Council One stop shop on your left. Turn right at the junction of North Parade and continue over the bridge past the leisure centre on your left. Turn left at the traffic lights (with railway bridge overhead) and walk to the next set of traffic lights / pedestrian crossing. Our property / entrance to the car park is on the left immediately next to these traffic lights.

Relating to bookings

Q: We have made a reservation for 2 people and arrived with 5, what are our options? A: Your accomodation comes with a 2 person limit for each room that you have booked. We request that you do not invite additional persons on to the property. We will ask that any additional persons vacate the property and may charge you for this. Q: We have a problem and we need to speak to someone on site. A: Typically there are staff on site most of the time if not almost all of the time, where they aren’t you can always call the phone number on our contact details and there will be some one 5-10 mins away. Q: We are a young family with a small child, do they count as people in our booking ? A: Yes, they count as a person and we do not provide extra beds or cots, our accomodation is not ideally suite

Q: Do you take group bookings? A: We do not take Hen or stagg parties and ask that you do not make a reservation for this purpose. We are not a venue for parties, weddings etc and would like to emphasise that each room is only designed to accommodate the number of guests specified in the description (2 persons) for that room and that we are sleeping accomodation not a venue for hosting parties. Please do not invite guests onto our premises, your booking is specifically for the number of people in your booking. We ask that you respect our neighbours and other guests by limiting the amount of noise that is made at the property, after 8pm

Related to payments / terms and conditions / cancellations / refunds

Q: We’ve noticed you charge in advance at the time of the booking, why is this? A: Our most competative pricing is for non - refundable bookings, these are charged for at the time the booking is made. All booking can be cancelled providing you request the booking to be cancelled with enough time prior to the arrival date (30 days). Q: Are there any additional charges on top of the fee stated in our booking confirmation, A: No not typically, the only case where you may be charged in addition is in the event of damages and or you find yourself outside of your booking parameter

Relating to damages or additional persons being brought onsite

Q: I decided to invite a group of friends onto the property that are not guests at the property, what is the likely repercussion of this. A: We do not allow you to invite additional persons onto our property, there is a two person limit per room. We reserve the right to charge £250 per additional person per occasion that you brought them on site. The property is outfitted with cameras at the entrances and hallways to record this. Q: I’m a smoker and I have decided to turn your non-smoking property into a smoking one, what are the repercussions of this. A: A charge of more than £250 for cleaning services to start with.. If not more and possible relocation charges for the guest who may be staying in the apartment after you. Q: I accidentally broke a wine glass / plate / etc A: Normally we wouldn’t charge for small breakages, we keep a large stock of glasses onsite for this very occasion, please let us know so that we can replace it. Q: I accidentally broke the table / chair / bed what happens next? A: Where you have been found to cause significant damages we will contact you and ask you to make payment to cover the cost of replacing the items and we may impose charges for our time and also any losses to incoming guests.

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